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About Robin's Return

Robin's Return is an inspiring story of a mother's love and her son's quest to share the wonders of the afterlife. When Dorothy Davis's son Robin was killed in Viet Nam, his death seemed senseless and tragic. As it turns out, Robin's service to mankind did not end with his earthly passing; he continued to help and serve in the spirit world. Through communications with Dorothy, Robin (and later, Dorothy's husband Ray) told of the love and beauty of the afterlife, and shared information on how we all can improve the lives of others, both here on earth and in the spiritual plane.

We all wonder what happens to our loved ones once they have died. Dorothy W. Davis has done more than wonder. When she lost her beloved son, Robin, during the Vietnam War, Mrs. Davis waited patiently, for, she reasoned, the ties of love could not be broken so easily. In this book, Robinís Return, Mrs. Davis shares with her readers the personal and deeply inspiring communications she received from Robin, and also her husband Ray, after they had gone on to another plane of existence.
Robinís Return shows how what could have been a deeply saddening eventóthe tragic death of a young man, who left behind his wife and five daughters--turned out to be part of Godís great plan. In his new existence, Robin was able to learn much he had not learned in his brief sojourn on earth and also was able to help other young men taken in battle. Rayís story tells how, after leading a full and complete life, he too had a hard time loosening the chains of love that bound him to earthly life. But both stories are alike in that they show us how death is not something to be feared, but a natural part of life, even something to look forward to joyfully.