Excerpts from Robin's Return

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"The TRUTH is seldom recognized. It is either glossed over with useless words, or it is made to look ridiculous, and so when you speak words of TRUTH, do not be concerned if you find that they are not accepted. The very fact that you spoke them will plant a seed in the consciousness of a skeptic, and one day he will look back and see that you were only the instrument for his awakening. This is the way the New Age thinking begins--it is a seed of Truth planted by a willing spokesman."

"[The Angel] Victor is with me. He is with me all of the time. I am slightly lost yet, but I will be at peace soon. It is only a matter of getting accustomed to being without a body to live in....Victor came to take me as we approached our target. My ejection was mighty as a bullet hit me in the neck. This vital Spot caused my immediate release, and I viewed the crash from the world of Spirit."

"Keep very happy. It creates an unusual vitality in the body. It gives the mind illumintating ideas and peaceful vibrations. Thinking of weariness evokes tiredness. The body is only the image of the mind."

"Mama, your boy is entering into a new experience! Love and Light have made a way for me to be closer to you. From being a novice it has moved me to a new plane, a land of great peace. Any love can be placed over a thought and sent to us. This love is then transformed into a vibration that lifts and evolves souls by its power. LOVE IS THE POWER THE BOYS NEED. Place them in your prayers. [The boys who are coming from Viet Nam] are now in dark vibrations. Occasionally, many come at once, and we can use all the love you can send...Love nullifies negative vibrations and helps us to evolve to a new vibration where we can do much to make a God-like place for more of the war casualties."

"Nothing in the physical world has any lasting value. It is only manifesting according to man's needs and desires, and when it has served it's purpose the energy of which it was composed is again returned to the ONE energy. YOU CANNOT OWN ENERGY. Thus it follows that all who come into your life do so for a purpose of fulfilling a need for your growth. When this has been accomplished, they pass out of your life either by 'death' or by simply moving into another area of activity. To HOLD them does no good for you or for them. It only slows the progress of both."

"The body veils so much, and when this veil has been lifted, the reality is seen and experienced. Drop the body and the soul is free. Drop the garment of flesh and walk in the great mantle of light. Drop the load of material living and rejoice in the vision of glorious beauty. Drop the weight of personality differences and see the soul without its mask, and you know the freedom from shame and pretense. You are only that which you have created for yourself."

"So I'll be seeing you! Not in the usual way, for I am sure that you will all just step up and not out of your bodies. You will step up and bring your body with you instead of laying it in the grave."

"And to you who read this, remember, dear friends, for you are my friends if you have read my story, I shall always be happy to help you in any way I can. Call on me. But also remember that there are some conditions and experiences that are yours to solve and no one is allowed to interfere, for they are for your growth. So if help is not forthcoming, know that I am on the sidelines, cheering you on and giviing you what strength and courage I can."