Here's What Readers Are Saying About Robin's Return:

"Robinís Return is a book that offers hope to those that have lost a loved one or to everyone who reflects on their own mortality. Robinís communications to his mother after his death in the Vietnam War describe a vibrant reality that one reaches after the physical death. It is a place where thoughts manifest into being and oneís soul finds comfort and purpose. I enjoyed reading the book very much. It showed me how our life on this side can be used to aid and support the spiritual world as well as receiving their assistance. Fear of death is really the fear of the unknown. Robinís Return helps us to realize that there is nothing to fear and that life is eternal. We keep learning and growing in consciousness forever."

~Rev. Scott Beebe
Author of Energetic Awakening
* * * * *

"Robin's Return is a well-written, engaging, readable book, that is filled with very many basic truths. It is written in simple prose, and so should be easily accessible to many, even those who are new to the world of the metaphysical. It can be read without a prior understanding of many of the concepts that are alien to those who are not a part of the new age movement, yet it can also be enjoyed by those comfortable with new age thought.

It also introduces the ideas of reincarnation and karma without delving into the whole realm of eastern philosophy, which might be off-putting at first for some.

Perhaps the single most important thing the book addresses (though it covers many important topics) is the concept of having to release loved ones who have passed on, and the idea that the living can impede the progress of those who have gone."

~Patricia C.
* * * * *
"I think all will be happy with the book. It's the kind of book a child or grandparent could read. I always found it very comforting. I even loaned a copy to my Mom, and she is no way near new age stuff, so it was a perfect tool for me to use for her. It will be this way for many."

~Gordon N.